Medallion Coin Necklace Chain For Women | 18ct Gold Plated Chain


Our Signature Axhea-Coin Necklace makes a statement with its intricate detailing on an 18k gold-plated medallion.

Featuring two sides of the very same medallion, you have the option to switch it out for your favourite side!

Highlighting the essence of our brand, we added beautiful details to this timeless symbol of political power.

Each side of the coin medallion features intricate detailing that adds an artistic touch without compromising practicality.

This versatile piece will elevate any outfit day or night!''' Make a statement with our Signature Axhea-Coin Necklace.

This versatile piece features intricate detailing on a 18k gold-plated medallion, will elevate any outfit, day or night! 

Wear it on its own or layer it with multiple pieces for even more versatility...

This timeless piece will elevate any outfit day or night!

All Axhea products are made out of 100% cruelty-free vegan-friendly fine jewellery grade Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Plating.

We stand behind our products and guarantee them!